We offer mobile cranes of all sizes for hire on a standard hire or on a contract lift basis throughout Ireland. We take pride in our machines and specify each new machine to a very high standard. BCS offer a range of services which include the following:

BCS Crane Hire offer a full range of mobile all terrain mobile cranes ranging in size from 40t to 750t capacity.




Crane specifications 



We also offer specialist cranes e.g. City Cranes and Spider Cranes




City Cranes and Spider Cranes specifications

BCS crane hire offer a full range of equipment which include the following:

  • Man Baskets
  • Concrete skips
  • Modular Spreader bars
  • Tipping Skips
  • Euro Mat Heavy temporary access road way
  • Timber Bog Mats
  • Multi Mats (Crane outrigger support mats)
  • Lifting Tackle (Wire rope slings, Shackles, Chains, Snatch Blocks, Nylon Slings etc.)

BCS Crane Hire offer transport solutions ranging from Standard on site moves right through to more complex transport requirements. These include:

Platform Trailers (Standard and Extendable)

  • Low Loaders
  • Step Frames¬†(Standard and Extendable)
  • Crane Trucks (Rigid and Artic)
  • Modular Trailers
  • Heavy Duty Tractor units

BCS Crane Hire offers storage facilities at its secure and convenient Dock Road premises on both Short and Long term basis.

BCS Crane Hire offer a complete machinery installation / removal service ranging from a single machine right through to a large jacking and skidding operation.