BCS operate to the strictest Health and Safety standards.

Health and Safety

BCS Crane Hire constantly look towards ways of improving our fleet, We embrace Health and Safety by using new technology and fit as much optional equipment to our new cranes at the time of order to achieve this,.
  • Engine shutdown systems.
  • Outrigger load sensing devices.
  • Air Conditioning in crane cabs.
  • Working Area Limitation ( Especially useful when working near live electrical power sources & near live Railway lines).
  • Variable Crane Outrigger Positioning (Variobase. see attached video) In our opinion this is one of the best recent safety features available!
  • Crane specific software for detailed planning of crane lifts.
Lifting accessories manufactured in accordance with current CE & EN regulations, eg Manbaskets & Spreader bars/Frames.

In 2014 VarioBase won the LLEAP Award in the USA, the award for Leadership in Lifting Equipment and Areal Platforms. ESTA – the European association of abnormal road transport and mobile cranes, presented the variable support with an Award of Excellence in the safety category. The Baublatt trade journal in Austria declared VarioBase the Innovation of the Year.